Orange County Fair and Event Center

Costa Mesa, CA - Fairgrounds & Agricultural

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The OC Fair and Event Center is the year round center for learning, fun, and business. Celebrating Orange County's communities, interests, agriculture and heritage.

Venue Snapshot

Spectra Divisions

Food Services & Hospitality


88 Fair Dr,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Services Provided

  • Spectra Food Services & Hospitality

Venue Facts

  • Exhibit halls: Costa Mesa Building 36,000 Square Feet; Santa Ana Pavilion 15,000 Square Fee;, Huntington Beach Building 22,900 Square Feet; Anaheim Building 14,000 Square Feet; OC Promenade 18,660 Square Feet; Los Alamitos Building 18,000 Square Feet; The Hangar 23,000 Square Feet
  • Meeting & multipurpose areas: Plaza Pacifica Lobby 2,400 Square Feet; Millennium Barn at Centennial Farm 3,200 Square Feet; Baja Blues Restaurant 3,900 Square Feet (Interior)
  • 5,300 Square Feet (Exterior) Capacity (Interior): 120
  • Capacity (Exterior): 120
  • Outdoor space: Park Plaza, Festival Fields, Crafters Village, Campground, Country Meadows, Open Space