National Partners

Working with over 5,000 companies a year, our team has built relationships on behalf of large national brands, as well as bedrock local companies that champion their surrounding communities. Each one of Spectra's national partners is hand-picked to help our hundreds of venue management properties operate more efficiently and enhance the guest experience. Our partners make a difference for guests throughout the full life cycle of an event--from the initial ticket-buying experience to seamless mobile parking, in addition to impactful digital signage and exhaustive cleaning throughout the venue.

Our national partnerships group leverages the scale of our client portfolio to deliver partners local access to the millions of fans we welcome each year. Please view our partners below.

Contact or our Director of National Partners, Tim Goldwater, at for more information.


AtmosAir is your source for healthier, cleaner air and all the benefits that come with it. AtmosAir’s industry-leading Bi-Polar Ionization technology and installation service focus on improving venue air quality & energy efficiency.

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Belfor / Hoodz

BELFOR Property Restoration is the North American leader in integrated disaster recovery and property restoration services. HOODZ is the trusted name for kitchen cleaning, code compliance, and fire prevention solutions for restaurants and others.

Belfor Property Restoration Website


Britten Inc is a proven large format signage manufacturer and installer. The organization has years of experience creating everything from graphics to modular designs.

Britten Inc Website


ChargeItSpot is a leader in the mobile phone charging station industry. ChargeItSpot offers a needed solution as we lean into a more contactless experience with increased mobile phone usage in venues.

ChargeItSpot Website


Constellation is a leading competitive energy company providing power, natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States.

Constellation Website

Cooper Lighting (Ephesus Lighting)

Ephesus will focus on continuing to provide Spectra venues with best-in-class energy-efficient lighting to save long-term costs and reduce the carbon footprint our venues give off.

Cooper Lighting Website

Crown Castle

Crown Castle is Spectra’s Official Communications Infrastructure Partner. They provide our teams and venues with additional resources that may enhance the customer experience by increasing the bandwidth, which ensures strong cellular signals.

Crown Castle Website

Deep Blue Communications

Deep Blue Communications has been an industry leader for more than 15 years, engineering, installing and managing commercial WiFi networks and providing 24-hour WiFi support. A subsidiary of Comcast Business, they develop custom WiFi solutions for venues.

Deep Blue Communications Website


FEVO is the leading collaborative social commerce platform intended to help groups to socialize and split payment for their favorite life events and merchandise.

Fevo Website


When it comes to high-traffic facilities and venues, they demand enhanced hygiene, improved sustainability and an upgraded look. GP PRO helps Spectra venues deliver an improved, safe fan experience.

Georgia-Pacific Website

Global Industrial

Global Industrial delivers industry-leading facility maintenance products, knowledge and expertise, and operational excellence all designed to bring customers a differentiated experience.

Global Industrial Website

Jani King

Jani King is a proven and trusted solution for managing and addressing the venue’s janitorial cleaning services.

Jani King Website


Parkhub‘s contactless parking operations platform brings Spectra venues to the 21st century. They provide venues with state-of-the-art tech to improve the parking experience and leverage analytics to know what is going on in the parking lots.

ParkHub Website


ParkMobile gives you a smarter way to park when you're on the go. Their free app makes it easy to find, pay for, and reserve parking spots ahead of time for events. Their free integration for venues will allow for a more seamless parking experience.

ParkMobile Website


PINGHD is the Official Digital Signage solution for Spectra venues focusing on digital menu boards, video walls, and IPTV.

Ping HD Website

Prolific 1

Prolific 1 strategically expands Spectra’s event reach for fans and gain more customer service control of the guest experience that occurs in the secondary market.

Prolific 1 Website


Sloan’s award-winning restroom fixtures provide the latest technology for ensuring venues have a contactless restroom experience with sinks, toilets, and urinals.

Sloan Website


Venuetize is a leading mobile technology and advanced e-commerce platform for the sports, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Venuetize works with professional sports teams, stadiums, arenas, casinos, entertainment districts to provide mobile apps.

Venuetize Website

Spectra’s dedication and commitment to providing an exceptional experience to every client and patron, while still keeping our nonprofit mission in mind, demonstrates their willingness to be a true partner in our success. As we entered into the COVID-19 pandemic, and what has been an uncharted time for the performing arts and events industry, Spectra has continued to be that partner.

Spectra’s in-house General Manager worked closely with the Gaillard Center’s Sales Manager to develop creative, specialized catering packages that worked in line with specialized rental packages, all tailored for weddings and events that could be in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Best of all, Spectra has helped brainstorm ways we can creatively use food and beverage sales to fundraise during a time when our nonprofit has faced challenges we have not faced before. We are fortunate to have a stellar partner in Spectra and their great staff.

Stephanie Shipe, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Charleston Gaillard Center

Spectra has improved operations at the venue each year. From the $1.4 million deficit that our City and County incurred in the year prior to Spectra’s arrival, we have now run two consecutive years in the black under their leadership. Our relationship with local Spectra leadership, as well as the corporate team, has been seamless, so much so that we have elected to enter into an additional 10-year partnership to run the Durham Convention Center.

The team at the DCC is committed to our local City and community. They have driven business into our City that provides economic impact, which reinforces the tourism infrastructure throughout the year. We have seen their team take the lead in developing new business for the DCC while executing events with great surveys scores. The entire team has maintained a high level of professionalism, integrity and commitment.

Jina Propst, Director, General Services, City of Durham

The guidance contained in Spectra's Together Again Reopening Plan, broken down by each individual essential areas - i.e. parking, guest ingress through entrances all the way to their seats, security screening, retail stores, food & beverage, sales & ticketing, communication - is invaluable.

On a more personal note, I told General Manager Leah Becki that upon reviewing the Plan, a calming feeling came over me upon being able to visually see that each area impacted is being addressed. Once again, I was reminded that I need never doubt that our Spectra staff here at URI are way ahead of the game regardless of the circumstances!

Lisa M. Gates, CFE, CPA, Chief Accountant, The University of Rhode Island