Spectra's Culinary Innovation Summit

2019 Recap

The third annual Culinary Innovation Summit was held in Atlantic City, N.J.  A select group of chefs and front-of-house managers collaborated and competed to create the next GREAT food experiences for fans and guests at stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and other venues across Spectra venues.

The annual Summit concluded with a Culinary Competition, during which teams of three chefs and one front-of-house-manager were challenged to create two dishes for a panel of judges. Each team created a catering menu item, a concessions item, and created a cocktail. To make the competition even more challenging each team was assigned ingredients that they had to use. With tight competition, the winning team took home the Knifey Award.

The summit was action-packed with a culinary competition held at the Community College of Philadelphia. Spectra added exciting elements to the competition to make it challenging for the chefs, which resulted in delicious recipes that can now be used at our venues. Each team of three executive chefs was paired up randomly by selecting knives out of a block. The winning team included Executive Chefs Mark Borowski of Jungle Island, James Rodebaugh of Brûlée Catering, and Andrew Wissa of PPL Center. Before the competition, they had never worked together, so it was an opportunity to bond with each other while coming up with two recipes in just two hours.