Brûlée by Spectra

Bringing versatile catering expertise under the iconic, watchful eye of James-Beard award-winning Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix, Brûlée caters to events of all kinds at a collection of landmark locations, as well as at off-premise weddings, fundraisers, corporate events and more. The Brûlée by Spectra team promises to dazzle your guests and deliver exquisite cuisine that looks as good as it tastes. Our innovative menus are updated seasonally and are fully customizable, making each event one-of-a-kind.

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Specialty Catering

Brûlée by Spectra provides food and beverage to a host of cultural facilities including museums, libraries, nonprofit historical institutions. Click here to learn more.

Spectra’s dedication and commitment to providing an exceptional experience to every client and patron, while still keeping our nonprofit mission in mind, demonstrates their willingness to be a true partner in our success. As we entered into the COVID-19 pandemic, and what has been an uncharted time for the performing arts and events industry, Spectra has continued to be that partner.

Spectra’s in-house General Manager worked closely with the Gaillard Center’s Sales Manager to develop creative, specialized catering packages that worked in line with specialized rental packages, all tailored for weddings and events that could be in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Best of all, Spectra has helped brainstorm ways we can creatively use food and beverage sales to fundraise during a time when our nonprofit has faced challenges we have not faced before. We are fortunate to have a stellar partner in Spectra and their great staff.

Stephanie Shipe, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Charleston Gaillard Center

Spectra has improved operations at the venue each year. From the $1.4 million deficit that our City and County incurred in the year prior to Spectra’s arrival, we have now run two consecutive years in the black under their leadership. Our relationship with local Spectra leadership, as well as the corporate team, has been seamless, so much so that we have elected to enter into an additional 10-year partnership to run the Durham Convention Center.

The team at the DCC is committed to our local City and community. They have driven business into our City that provides economic impact, which reinforces the tourism infrastructure throughout the year. We have seen their team take the lead in developing new business for the DCC while executing events with great surveys scores. The entire team has maintained a high level of professionalism, integrity and commitment.

Jina Propst, Director, General Services, City of Durham

The guidance contained in Spectra's Together Again Reopening Plan, broken down by each individual essential areas - i.e. parking, guest ingress through entrances all the way to their seats, security screening, retail stores, food & beverage, sales & ticketing, communication - is invaluable.

On a more personal note, I told General Manager Leah Becki that upon reviewing the Plan, a calming feeling came over me upon being able to visually see that each area impacted is being addressed. Once again, I was reminded that I need never doubt that our Spectra staff here at URI are way ahead of the game regardless of the circumstances!

Lisa M. Gates, CFE, CPA, Chief Accountant, The University of Rhode Island